Reddy Heater Hot Surface Ignitor
Reddy Heater Hot Surface Ignitor

SKU: TV123961

MPN: PP200


WEIGHT: 0.15

WIDTH: 2.2500

LENGTH: 6.0000

HEIGHT: 1.2500

PRICE: $44.09


Reddy heater hot surface ignitor, fits models ac-165, b30, b30c, b50, b50a, b50b, b50d, b50e, b50f, b50g, b50h, b50j, b55, b55bt, b55ct, b60, b65, b65d, b66d, b70, b70b, b70bt, b70d, b70dt, b70et, b75, b80, b90, b99d, b100, b100a, b100aak, b100b, b100c/fb, b100d, b100g, b100kd, b110, b110a, b110b, b110bt, b110t, b115, b115ct, b115dt, b115t, b120, b125c, b140, b140d, b150, b150a, b150b, b150c, b150cak, b150d, b150f, b150ft, b150g, b150gt, b150h, b150j, b150jt, b150kd, b150m, b155/a/c, b155ct, b155dt, b155t, b165, b165a, b165at, b165ct, b165dt, b165t, b200, b200at, b200bt, bc40, bc55ct, bc55t, bc70et, bc70t, bc115ct, bc115t, bc115dt, bc165ct, bc165t, bc165dt, bv115t, m100vt, m125t, m125at, m140vt, m150d, m150s, m170at, m170t, m200at, m200t, m200vt, m350, m600, mark50, mark50d, mark75d, mark120d, mark140d,mark150d, mc60, mmv400a, ms80, mv/mmv44, mv120, mv250, pk55, pk60, pk70t, pk110, pk115t, pk165t, pkc115dt, pkc165dt, pkc70et, pkhd170t, pkhd200t, r30, r35, r35a, r35b, r35d, r35e & r40.

  • Hot Surface Ignitor replacement
  • Annual replacement recommended.
  • Refer to owners manual for detailed instructions.
  • See application guide for model listing
  • Read instructions before replacing part.

Prop. 65 Warning: This product contains one or more chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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